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My disc drive won't recognize discs...

HPhillips77 asked
According to my device manager, my drive is a DVD A DH16A6S SCSI CD-ROM device. My OS is Windows Vista. I tried to install a game earlier today and since then, my drive won't read any discs. I'll insert the disc and autoplay won't run. I try opening the drive manually and it asks me to insert a disc into the drive when there already is. It just won't read it.

The device manager doesn't show any problem and it shows my driver as current. I have another drive that I'm using now and it reads the discs perfectly, but I'd like to get my main drive operational again. Any ideas?
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Maen Abu-TabanjehNetwork Administrator, Network Consultant
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can you try this ?? just insert windows Bootable CD - any version , and try is it booting?? if so then the problem with windows
Which game did you install?  Could be a DRM issue...


It was the Star Wars: Best of PC set. Specifically, the Empire at War game. It seemed to install fine, but it would continually tell me I had no disc in the drive when I tried to run it.
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Was this the DVD Gold Pack?
Sounds like a SecuROM problem, like lamaslany suggests.

Try their help page

Especially disabling DLA

If this isn't an original disk then this is normal behaviour for the game's copy protection system.

If you've got a software based optical disk emulator (daemon tools etc) that will also cause SecuROM to stop access to the drive.  Uninstall the emulator.
I believe that Star Wars: Empire at War uses the SecuROM DRM (I don't actually own the game so this is an educated guess based on online reports).  It may be worth trying SecuROM's Diagnostic Tool:  https://support.securom.com/analysis.php

I suspect that SecuROM doesn't support SCSI drives as they are commonly used by emulators as a means to bypass such DRM.

Personally I loath DRM such as this as it artificially restricts when and where I can play my games: one of my laptops doesn't have an internal optical drive which means that I cannot play games with disc checks if I don't cart around my external optical drive...
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)
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Try resetting the High and Low Filters:

1. Close down all open programs
2. Open regedit.exe with Run as Administrator
3. Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\...
4. There should be one of, or both of, UpperFilters and LowerFilters
5. Click on UpperFilters, Edit Delete
6. Click on LowerFilters, Edit Delete
7. Close down regedit trees and close regedit
8. Open Device Manager and Uninstall DVD / CD Drive
9. Shut Down
10. Restart and DVD / CD Drive should come back with auto discover

... Thinkpads_User


Thanks. I think that did the trick!