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Macintosh Lion: Uninstalled the Lotus Notes

tjie asked

1) It is in the enterprise network environment
2) It is related to the MacBook Air with the Mac OS X Lion
3) I install the Lotus Notes (version 8.5)
- It works well
-  The employee can receive and send her email, etc
4) There is a problem with Safari (it can not access the internet)
5) Accordingly, I install the "google chrome"; and the above laptop is NOW able to connect to the internet with the google chrome
6) The problem: Now, the lotus notes can not be launched
7) My question: How to uninstall this lotus notes version 8.5 properly? (The lotus notes experts will possibly help?) (Note: I have experienced to uninstall lotus notes in the windows environment; it is not ONLY from Add/Rem program; we have to do from other locations also)
8) Thank you

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Sjef BosmanGroupware Consultant

You can use the installer to install, repair or remove Notes.



1) Do you know how to do it manually?
2) In Microsoft Windows, I usually do the followings:
- Remove from Add/Rem program
- Then, at least I also delete the "Data" folder
- Then, i search for "notes.ini" whether it is still there or no --> If i find it, i will delete it
- Finally, I restart ....and start "fresh installation" again
- One time, I experienced that i just deleted from Add/Rem program ....and the cache still there ....it created me a lot of trouble

3) So if you are able to show it manually, it will be very helpful
4) Thanks