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Exchange Continuous Offsite Backups

I have a working SBS2011 (which has Exchange 2010).  It has about 20 mailboxes and the database is about 10 gigs.  My goal is to have an offsite backup of Exchange 2010 on the granular level - in other words I'd like to restore a single mail/contact/calendar item if needed.  

I was looking at StorageCraft which seems like a nice local backup option but I need something offsite.

I thought about trying Carbonite or a similar service, but backing up a 10 gig database often will take a while on a regular basis.

I'm trying ou AhSay but so far I'm unhappy with it.

Any ideas?
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here is one good off-site backup for exchange :


In case you are not aware there is Single Item Recovery in Exchange Server 2010
This might help you instead of a 3rd party backup solution :


sirakov that is only local and does not help me with an offsite solution.