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Server Error in '/MobileAdmin' Application

OS: Server 2003 SP2
Exchange: 2003 SP2
IIS: 6.0
ActiveSync MobileAdmin: 6.5.8039.0

I have installed ActiveSync MobileAdmin and get the following error when I try to do a remote wipe.   MobilAdmin ErrorI have searched Google and Microsoft and believe I have complied with all the recommendations to resolve the error, but it still persists.  I believe there is a bug in this version of MobileAdmin but can't find any link to older versions. Any ideas on how to fix?
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Unfortunately, this error can be caused by any number of different problems.  Here are some things to check:
Is your web.config valid XML (I once spent a day+ of time looking for a problem and the issue was that I hadn't close a tag in my web.config)
Did your files upload to the server correctly (upload your /bin directory again)
Did this site ever work?  If so, what did you change?  Can you change it back and try again?
Had you uploaded a new module? If so, delete any .dll in the /bin directory related to that module and try again (the module won't work, but the site should load)
Try some of this and post again.  I know that this is frustrating, but if you provide some extra detail, perhaps we can help you some more.
Who is your host and what control panel do you use (HSphere/HELM/Plesk/something else)?
What version of DNN did you upload?
Did this website ever work or is this an installation problem?  Had you made web.config changes?  Had you installed a custom module?

Also go through this article:

Hope this helps you


I appreciate the feedback vinsvin and vinu113, but I am not a developer. This error occurs when I use the Exchange ActiveSync MobileAdmin version 6.6.8039.0 from Microsoft to try and wipe an IPhone or Android. Various "solutions" I found have not worked. If this is a bug in Miscrosofts software then shame on them for not fixing it. I am hoping you or someone out there could help me with a solution I am capable of implementing.
I found the following while searching on Bing. I neglected to mention that I DO have a single Exchange server configuration:

Considerations for Deployment on a Single Server
If you are deploying a mobile messaging solution that uses a single Exchange
server, you may have to establish some special configurations to avoid
conflicts on the virtual directory.

SSL Requirements and Forms-based authentication
In a single-server configuration, Exchange Server ActiveSync accesses the
Exchange virtual directory via port 80 by using Kerberos authentication.
Exchange ActiveSync cannot access the Exchange virtual directory if either of
the following conditions are true:

• The Exchange virtual directory is configured to require SSL.
• Forms-based authentication is configured.

For more information about, and workarounds for, these configurations, see
the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

Exchange ActiveSync and Outlook Mobile Access errors occur when SSL or
forms-based authentication is required for Exchange Server 2003


Exchange ActiveSync Mobile Administration Web Tool
When deployed in a single-server configuration, the Exchange ActiveSync
Mobile Administration Web tool requires the default configuration on the
ExAdmin virtual directory. By default, SSL is not turned on and the vdir has
Windows Integrated authentication.

In a single-server configuration, we recommend that you do the following:

• Turn off SSL Required on the ExAdmin virtual directory
• Use Windows Integrated authentication on the ExAdmin virtual directory
Note  the Exchange ActiveSyncMobile Administration Web tool should run in
the ExchangeAppPool.


Don't know why this didn't come up in my Google search. Just goes to show you need to look in more than 1 search engine.