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I Am Looking For A Really 'Detailed' And 'Comprehensive' Resource Guide(S) Online That Discusses How To Setup And Use The Media Center Associated With My Windows 7 Pro. 64-Bit Operating System?

Question: Hello. I am looking for a really ‘detailed’ and ‘comprehensive’ resource guide(s) online that discusses how to setup and use the Media Center associated with my Windows 7 Professional 64-bit operating system? I know there are several features and functions built into the Media Center component of Windows 7, so if the resource guides(s) is/are comprehensive on 'ALL' Media Center’s features and functions fully of instruction, which would be great! A free online weblink is of course best; but if you find a paid online weblink, that is good too.

Thank you!
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Two of the very best sources online are Microsoft themselves, along with the HowToGeek web page:

Entertainment on Windows Media Center

The How-To Geek Guide to Windows 7 Media Center

OK Targus. Heree you have what you want:





Hello. Thanks for your comments -- both of you discuss and link to Microsoft websites. However, I see Run5k uses a thrid party website to reflect upon and link to Microsoft's websites that I personally find more useful getting a thrid party perspective on the whole thing. Therefore I am awarding both of you on your answers, but Run5k will get the Accepted Solution for the edge, but you both both answered my question very well. Thank you!        


Thank you very much!