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I need assistance with my ASP.Net application

mainrotor asked
I just built an ASP.Net web application on my local machine.  My app saves data to my SQL Server database that is also on my local machine.  I am ready to go live with this app (i.e. put it on the web).  What do I have to do to make sure that the application still save data to the SQL Server DB on my machine?  Or do I have to use the MySQL databases that are provided by the web hosting company?

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Your best bet would be to use the SQL database on your web host's computer. Your solution will be faster that way.
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To update the database on your own machine your machine would either have to have a dedicated IP address or a registered domain, that you are hosting along with a DNS either on your own machine or using the host DNS.

As quizwedge quite correctly pointed out it would be a slow response for the user, and you would also probably find it less reliable.  The big down side could be security.  Your own machine would need to have top of the line security software and you would have to have scripts that scrub the updates before updating your DB.


If you take SQL out of intranet where is your IIS then you reduce performance and security.
Anyway you will need to change connectionString in your web config "Data Source=you_pc_ip;Initial Catalog=..".
You can find some info about connect via IP address here.