terminal server 2003 r2 and local desktop all icons show up

I have just did a file redirection to a file server for all users using terminal sessions. This has migrated all of the icons from the local desktop and the terminal desktop the issue is that the icons on the local that have links on the TS looks blank not known and will not open. Also when on TS the icons that have links to the local pc show up as a blank not known icon and will not open.

What did I miss?  
Is there a way to keep both desktops separate?
or a way to not have the icons display on both?
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Maen Abu-TabanjehNetwork Administrator, Network ConsultantCommented:
From the description, it seems to be a frequently encountered issue when
changing the redirected folder location in the Group Policy. This may
happen when you enable the "Move the contents of <redirected folder name>
to the new location" in the setting tab because the system will attempt to
move folder contents from the previous redirection location to the new
location. Typically, we manually move all files to the new shared folder
from the old location then change the location of the redirected folder
with the following steps:

1. Uncheck the "Move the contents of < redirected folder name> to the
new location" box of the folder redirection policy.
NOTE: The first step should be done in advance of step 2 to ensure users
have logged off and on again and makes sure that this policy option is
updated on client side properly.

2. Move files to the new location remaining ACL and file ownership.
NOTE: To avoid the potential issues of file ACL and ownership, you may use
"XCOPY -o" (-o parameters: Copies files with ownership and ACL
information.) to copy folder to the mew location.

3. After a period of time (all users have logged off and back on again
with the change from Step 1 in place) you can change the UNC path in the
GPO or apply new folder redirection group policy on the users.

As the VSS is not working on the driver that holds the redirected folder,
you may have to restore the backup to get the files in redirected folder

Please answer the following questions for further investigation:
 1. Are all 15 users that lose files in the My document folder in the NB
location? In the other word, are the users that get files lost applied the
new group policy object (redirect the My document folder to
\\nbserver\users\%username%\my documents)?

2. Do you have the offline files enabled on the My Document redirection
walkman48Author Commented:
Answer to question 1 is no one is loosing files or missing data, just have non linked short cuts.

question 2 is I have file synchronization turned on.

Just not sure of the steps listed as there is not an issue with things not working just no icon short cuts.
I will try to better describe the issue:
it is a missing shortcut file not found because when on the local desk top the terminal icons that are showing up have a file path as if it were on the TS  so there is not a icon because the local pc has no file path to match. If I delete the icon for the user off if their desk top,  it deletes the icon in the TS Session.
This is happening on the TS session also just in  the reverse
walkman48Author Commented:
i just stopped the desk top redirection.

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walkman48Author Commented:
no answer
Maen Abu-TabanjehNetwork Administrator, Network ConsultantCommented:
Walkman ?? is the problem solved? or you terminate desktop redirection?
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