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SSL configuration for OWA on Exchange 2003 sp2

jcorsoomni asked
Hello...I've recently been asked to install SSL on an Exchange 2003 server which up until this point has had OWA access over http.  I purchased the appropriate SSL cert from Netsol for mail.mydomain.com (also the URL they use for OWA) and the import seemed to go fine.  I also have the appropriate permissions set in IIS to both the default and exchange website while also clicking the boxes for SSL and 128 bit encryption.  when I enable SSL, I cannot access OWA externally via http or https.  internally I can access via http and https...although https doesn't populate the OWA screen with any emails.  Currrently...I've removed the SSL certificate until I can figure this out.  Any help you can lend would be greatly appreciated.  I know this is probably some setting on the directory security section in IIS. Once I have SSL up and running properly, I then need to configure SMTP over TLS with an outside party.
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Maen Abu-TabanjehNetwork Administrator, Network Consultant
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here is the useful link to configure SSL in exchange 2003 .. hope that helpful

Sr. Systems Engineer
Did you open port 443 in your router?

You should need only add the cert to the exchange vdir or parent website.