No paging file on beefy servers.

I have a client that doesn't set any paging file on any drives.  The servers are very beefy though 96GB RAM.  Is that an okay practice or the paging file is necessary on any servers?

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
This may help:
How to determine the appropriate page file size for 64-bit versions of Windows

While the above is for Windows XP/2003 I would expect it to apply to 2008/2008R2/7/Vista
Gary ColtharpSr. Systems EngineerCommented:
You should have a paging file regardless...
Tiras25Author Commented:
Can you explain why and what's the advantages and disadvantages?
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Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution GuideCommented:
I don't know abt server, but on workstations once u pass abt 10gb of RAM u can tturn off the paging file.  The reason is the computer uses the paging file as a RAM disk.  If u have that much RAM u don't need a paging file.
Tiras25Author Commented:
Bingo, I concur.  Thank you!
Tiras25Author Commented:
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