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LinksysE2500 - Can't Connect to secured network; CAN connect to unsecured "guest" network

I'm installed a Linksys E2500 router and I got it working on my wired PC.
I then create the USB "key" for my other PC it won't .  However, when I try to "connect my linksys router", I can't get in.  I get the message "unable connect; may not be in range" ... something to that effect.
I CAN see the network SSID on the other PC but that's it.
Oh, I CAN connect using the unsecured GUEST network. which I do not want to do.
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Don't use the default settings on the linksys.  Get into their menu and select WPA2-PSK as the preferred encryption and then put in a reasonable but easy to remember key, i.e., "bikes have two wheels".