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Windows Vista freezes with funny screen

HP Pavillion TX2500 Tablet notebook
After using the laptop for a while it locks up and the screen pixulates like picture shown

Word froze up first

It does get quite hot on the side by the cpu fan

Any ideas

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First thing you can check is the power settings.  To troubleshoot this, you can turn all the power features off.  No suspend, no sleep, etc.

Another thing - you may get lucky but if it suddenly freezes, maybe not.  Check your Event Viewer for any errors that MAY have gotten logged to see if you get lucky.

If power management settings don't help, test another video card.  If it's onboard, put a spare in a slot.  If it's a card, see if you have a spare or pull it and use the onboard to check.

It could be memory, but that's likely lower on the list of potential culprits.

Just some ideas.  Report back on any results.
Gary ColtharpSr. Systems Engineer

Looks like an overheat issue to me. Given that it is a laptop, unless you are very comfortable opening the tub up for servicing, you should stop here and get professional help.

You are getting a signal to the monitor, but the sync signal is either missing, or too small for the monitor to detect it. That's what causes the screen to look the way it does. This may be a result of the overheating, or it is a symptom of the problem that causes the overheating. Apparently there is a component within the laptop that's faulty, and it is getting hot enough to affect other components.

If the laptop has value, it should be repaired before other things start going wrong, and before it affects your monitor.
Robert RComputer Service Technician

Try plugging in an external monitor to see if the same thing happens, if it does it could be a faulty video card, or it could be over heating. I know HP had problems with some of their highend laptops having video problems to this and the video card needed to be refluxed (resoldered) to the mobo. I am not sure if this model of tablet laptops has the same issues.


It was the memory