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Server 2008 blank desktop after any normal login

dustaine asked
I have a server with 2008 enterprise on it.  The server became unresponsive and was rebooted.  Upon reboot and log-in, I have a blank desktop.  Its the correct shade of blue but I have no icons etc. I boot to safe mode and I have icons.  I checked to see if the authenticated users group had been removed... it was still there with the interactive account. I am at a loss as to why this happened.
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Have you tried to logon with another admin account?  Can you hit ctl-alt-delete, bring up Task Manager and check if the Explorer.exe process is running.
check under c:\users\ folder, it can be that the profile has been corrupted and windows recreated a new one. You can see under the users folder folders with the same name but with the add of 000 or 001 ex administrator.001. If this is the case you can transfer all your data to the new profile folder
Also this happens if your profile is located on another server and it can't reach it, so it create a temp profile


I tried logging in with several accounts. The same thing kept coming up no matter what account.  I think I figured out the cause and I want to run it by you... The desktop eventually came up after a while.  I was looking around and discovered the RAID had a fault and was in the process of rebuilding.  I think this may have been the underlying cause of the issue.
That could cause a performance loss and the server could just be really slow right now.  Let it finish the rebuild and test it again.