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Popup only partly visible

ddantes asked
I am working on a page at www.mauitradewinds.com/Test/StarWind.htm   Thumbnail images are supposed to popup larger images on mouseover.  One image, bath.jpg, exhibits unusual behavior on mouseover under Chrome and Safari, but not under IE or Firefox.  On mouseover, the popup only displays a portion of the image, confined within the boundaries of the td where the thumbnail resides.  Please show me my code error or advise how to correct this.
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Thank you for your recommendation.  Having invested resources in the current CSS/javascript approach, I'm hesitant to abandon it when it is very close to operational.  Can you reproduce the problem I described?


This issue seems to have resolved by itself.  I have made several changes to the html and CSS, but I can't account for which change resulted in the resolution.  


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for me it's not working all the time even in firefox.

personal note: I think you should take a graphic designer. the site is not so inviting


Thank you for your comment.  Would you mind clarifying a couple of points?  What isn't working all the time in Firefox?  What is it about the site which you find uninvitng?  Your feedback is valuable to me.

the hovering on images not working all the time
graphic design looks very messy. today trend is to keep the background clean as much as possible
look at this links
I think if you will gather all the pictures in one place it will be better


Thank you for your comments.  The hover effect is confined to the center of the thumbnail, so that the mouse is not triggering a popup every time it touches any aspect of a picture.  If you hover over the center of an image and there is no popup, I would like to know.

I appreciate your taking time to gather those links to other vacation home sites, and I checked all of them.  I see that, aside from one picture or graphic feature, the other pictures are segregated from the text.

One last question, if you are willing to reply.  When you describe the graphic design as "very messy" , is that because there are pictures mingled with the text, or because of some other feature?
now that you wrote it I know it, and if I didn't realized it surly regular visitor will not understand it.why only when hovering the center of the image? what was the thought behind it?

let think together what is more selling, pictures or text? I would defiantly say pictures

so I would change the following things:
1) frame the page. give the page a predefined width and make the center background solid color (preferably white)
2) make a nicer header and put the menu blow it
3) display the pictures in the top (no need to be so big) with list of small thumbnails beside the big picture. http://www.gcmingati.net/wordpress/wp-content/lab/jquery/svwt/index.html will be good
4) put the text bellow and add H2/H3/UL for SEO.

I have attached a screen shot of what I mean (i'm not a graphic designer but it's the direction)

can I get vacation instead of points? :D


Thank you kindly for the time you invested in presenting good examples and screenshot.  I will consider this input.  As for the reason why hovering is only active in the center of the thumbnail...  I don't want users to be annoyed by a popup every time their mouse touches a thumbnail.  With javascript popups, this is controlled by a time delay, so the user has to intentionally hover for a moment before there will be a popup.  The system on this page uses CSS, not javascript, for the popup. So I thought of limiting the active area for mouseover.  The active area doesn't have to be so small, it can be changed easily with CSS.  I will give this further thought.

We would love to have you come for vacation.  But for now, please accept points!    BTW, I was in Israel during its 20th anniversary in 1968 -- had a wonderful time.

I wasn't born yet in that year :)
I'm sure lot has changed here since then. you are welcome to visit us again :)

meanwhile I will be glad to get some points :)

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