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Server reboots

HP Proliant 350 G3,  Windows 2003 Server
Have all the latest service packs and updates from HP (firmware, drivers, etc).
Every few days the server will shutdown unexpectedly.  
The Windows Event Viewer indicates: HP ILO Lights Out Event and then a few minutes later the server will reboot.  I am not sure what the cause it, it happens at random times - often at night when no users are connected. Any ideas or what to do to investigate further?  Thaks for the feedback.
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No other errors or warning messages in the event viewer near the time of the reboot?

Can you post any more specific information from the ILO message

I would connect to the ILO and see if there is anything in there, review any messages and the settings.  Also, I would reset the password for the ILO if you can, do this during the Boot sequence and access the ILO configuration.
Do you have all the HP Management tools installed? If so, have a look through the Intergrated Management Logs. I have experianced issues similar on G3's where the watchdog service hangs and the management controller resets the server. Look for ASR errors in the HP logs. You can usually safely disable the ASR feature.
Try running HP DIagnostics boot disk
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You don't give the event ID, let's guess it is 57. If so you have mismatched firmware/driver; upgrade iLO firmware and iLO management controller driver to the latest. Simplest way is to install the whole of the latest ProLiant Support Pack. I know you say you've already done that but it's worth checking by trying to do it again.

do you use the iLo, if not, try disabling it on the MB with the dip switches

What version of PSP did you run?


I disabled the ILO in the Bios a while ago and reloaded the drivers - it didn't help.
Would it be any different if I disabled on the motherboard vs. the bios ILO configuration?
Maybe I can try to disable the  ASR feature as suggested by @AJS2011NZ.
I will give this is a try sometime this week and let you know the result.


We are looking to replace the server, nothing seems to help. Thanks for the assistance