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Ubuntu Problem: Picture Breaking up, slow operation

AttilaB asked
Sometimes the computer is slowing down and the desktop image starts breaking up on my
computer, when using Ubuntu 11.04, especially if I am also using Oracle VM Virtualbox to also run
Windows XP in a virtual machine. It is 32-bit OS. Or if I have Oracle JDeveloper running for a long time. (JDeveloper seems to be quite a memory hog, so it seems.)

Is it because  my 2GByte of RAM is not enough on this dual core Intel PC running at 1.6 GHz?

Or is it a memory leak in apps I am running?

See attached screenshot.

Do I need a new motherboard with more RAM?

Thanks. Screenshot from Ubuntu 11.04MemoryIssue.png
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Chris BRetired

Picture Breaking up, slow operation - says no memory left. Using a 32 bit OS, you can generally only address 3GB of ram, best to use 64 bit then effectively unlimited. Do you need new motherboard? I would think not, just more RAM. If you post the motherboard detail we can check how much ram you can use.

Chirs B


Thanks Chris,

Attached the information about the computer in a PDF.

 Gateway GT5620 Desktop Computer.
Gateway Part number:  1014729R

As you see at 2 GB DDR2 this motherboard is maxed out for RAM.

So is there anything ELSE I can do, you think other than getting a motherboard that supports
8-16 G Bytes of RAM, 64 bit operation?

Ok, sad but true. No more RAM. To get the most out of it, I would forget the virtual environment and boot directly whichever OS you wished to use. I have used boot magic in the past, works well, but old now. Just type boot manager into Google and see what comes up. Add a drive or two or partition the one you have. Will keep you going until you upgrade....

Chris B