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How to use Break Points in vs.net(vb.net) 2010?

Hello, I have a vb.net project(Windows Application which contains multiple forms and classes)

Well, I modified my code and wants to see the output of the particular form. AS, I have multiple forms my code executes and builds the final results.  

I want to stop at particular form and see its output.   I used breakpoints too but it did not work.

IS there any way I can achieve it?

Thanks so much!!!!!
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Is your build type set to DEBUG? You will need that in order to have beakpoints that are capable of being hit. Secondly, when you insert a breakpoint, you need to be sure to place the breakpoint on a piece of code that is in the path of execution of your code. If you put a breakpoint in the code for a button click handler, but you never click the button, then the breakpoint won't be hit.


Yes. I did the same. But never worked? Any other ideas?
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Is the red dot of the breakpoint filled or empty?