Windows 7 laptop using VPN doesnt see all files on network share


Laptop connected in india through VPN to server in US
Laptop is windows 7 enterprise

User can see all network shares and can see their home drive and folders within the home drive however there are no files in the home drive.

I look at the home drive on the server and see all files but cannot open them as it says denied (i verified i have rights though)

Any thoughts?

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How is authorization passed? Are you in same domain?
Try to map a network drive with alternate credentials (with us domain account)
Is this laptop using Offline Files?

Any difference if the Home Drive is accessed via IP/FQDN?

Can you open the permissions a bit for testing to make sure thats not the problem?
btnyAuthor Commented:
Same domain, yes

All other network drives map properly.

I think it is using offline files, but I am not 100% sure there is an option for "Sync Now" in offline files but I dont want to mess anything up, should I try that?

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
>>> All other network drives map properly.   <--- And did you try by IP address?  You may need an entry in your local HOSTS file to define the remote name.

>>> there is an option for "Sync Now" in offline files but I dont want to mess anything up  <--- You should certainly back up any server folders before trying: twice - one normal backup and one more safe backup in some safe location. This is in case Sync messes up (hardly unknown). .... Thinkpads_User
Reason I asked about Offline Files, is that it can give you odd results browing a share, especially when there are files on that share marked as "Offline". Using the IP/FQDN usually bypasses Offline Files as a culprit.....
btnyAuthor Commented:
Solution was this...

They have their home drives mapped from Active Directory in the Profile Tab.  Once I changed this the drives map and reconnect OK!

Thanks for all the assistance

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btnyAuthor Commented:
Used own answer because it was accurate
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