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Mac OS X Lion: How to Uninstall the google chrome

tjie asked

1) It is in the enterprise network environment
2) It is related to the MacBook Air with the Mac OS X Lion
3) I install the Lotus Notes (version 8.5)
- It works well
-  The employee can receive and send her email, etc
4) There is a problem with Safari (it can not access the internet)
5) Accordingly, I install the "google chrome"; and the above laptop is NOW able to connect to the internet with the google chrome
6) The problem: Now, the lotus notes can not be launched
7) I am used to with the Microsoft Window (XP, Vista, 7), and not used to with the Mac OS X
8) My question: How to uninstall this google chrome properly? give a little bit step if possible please
9) Thank you

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