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fcek asked

Is Dreamweaver still the industrial standard?

Ive used Deamweaver MX before and it was ok.  

Considering a purchase and looking for guidance on what to get.


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If you are working on building a site or template, then Dreamweaver is still a very good choice.  The most recent version (CS 5.5) also adds a lot of tools for mobile web site development and that alone may be worth the cost of admission.  You can download it and do a trial for 30 days to see if you like it.

However, I tend to recommend that clients move to a CMS as fast as possible and DW is less helpful if you are running a mature CMS.  You can still use it to edit some of the template files but it's not as useful as the "old days" when we all ran static, page-based sites.
Aaron TomoskyDirector, SD-WAN Solutions
Depending on your language it's really helpful to have an IDE for debugging. For asp it's all about visual studio. For php and jsp I use eclipse but there are others.