VBA Macro to Open PDF at Page Number or Named Destination

I have tried using a hyperlink within MS Word 2010 to open a PDF file, not at page 1, but at a particular PDF page number or at a PDF bookmark or a PDF named destination. I used the parameters suggested by the Adobe Support Document "PDF Open Parameters." For example, adding #page=5 to the PDF file name in the hyperlink should cause Adobe Acrobat to open the file and then jump to page five. However, I have found that Word 2010 is apparently not passing the parameter to Adobe. It is only passing the file name. Can someone suggest some Word VBA code that would pass both the file name and the Adobe File Open parameter. I figure I could then use a command button in Word that call the VBA code.
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KenHadleyAuthor Commented:

Thank you! This works great for page numbers. I am wondering how I can add to it to also make it work for Bookmarks in a document. In other words, I would like to be able to either jump to a page number or to a bookmark when calling the macro.

If I need to make the bookmark a separate question and award you the 500 points for your first answer, I am glad to do that. just let me know.

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