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Share Point Server 2010 (SBS 2011)

sanjeevkmrs asked
Dear Sir,
                 i have installed share point server on my SBS 2011 , in this regards i want to clear some points .
kindly advice :-
1) if i make editing in my share point page through admin loging then will those changes apply on users also ?
2) I have assigned port 8080 to my sharepoint . although i can open it in my lan network , but not able to access from out side . i have opened the port also on my firewall . please do let me know the settings i have to check in my share point server if any . as i can open the link with same port internally.
3) as per my knowlege we can add modify important files and folders in sharepoint server .is it ? can you please specifiy in a list that what all we can do with sharepoint server and whats its actual defination ?
4) how should i create users in my sharepoint server with restricted access .
5) how can i take backup of my sharepoint server on regular basis ?
6) i can see microsoft sharepoint workspace option in my outlook 2010 , for what purpose we use it ?
7) can you please clear my concept that is there any difference of company website and sharepoint website ?
as we already have our company website , so what will be the use of sharepoint website ?
8)is document management system is one of the features of sharepoint server ?
do we have to configure document management system or by defaullt it gets configured when we install and configure sharepoint server ?
Kindly Advice

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Sr IT Support Engineer
Did you do some reinstallation of Sharepoint Foundation Server, which comes with SBS 2011, or did you create a totally new site in addtion to the existing CompanyWeb

What URL are you trying to use to get to this Sharepoint site that you put on port 8080?   The default URL if you used the SBS wizards "Setup My Internet Address" would be https://remote.domainname.com:8080/

When you open a web brower in an SBS network, do you get a sharepoint page that's labeled Companyweb > Home?


how should i enable indexing in my sharepoint?
please advice