Hi Team, i tryed to update my laptop with the bios utility downloaded from the product website. The upgrade started correctely by checking compatibility with the old and new bios. The upgrade failed half way through. now i have a total black out. Nothing on the screen.How can i roll back or solve this issue. please help.

Best regards.
Williams225System AdministatorAsked:
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an interrupted, ot bad bios update can be repaired in several ways :
-replace motherboard (easiest)
-replace bios chip (if you can do it yourself, but most now are soldered to the board) with a programmed chip
-use a bios replacement service like this UK one :      

note : my AV detected some threads on this site :
This happened to my Lenovo, guess what?
i tried to reboot windows 7 and it rebooted and installation succeeded then after restart i can see my bios and windows
If you can't boot tell me ?
Williams225System AdministatorAuthor Commented:
How much can a mother board cost? i guess my bios chip is soldered to the board. Can it be replaced? Can i boot form a usb key?
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Williams225System AdministatorAuthor Commented:
I cant boot windows 7 any more. in put the dvd in started the pc but the installation wont start. any suggestions again. i really need help.
>>  Can it be replaced?   <<  see my post
>>  Can i boot form a usb key?   <<  since the BIOS is Kaput -  the BINARY Input OUTPUT System does not work, so nothing will work
again, read my posts, and the sites i linked to !
web_trackerComputer Service TechnicianCommented:
One thing you may try is to shutdown the laptop, remove the power adapter and the battery, then hold the power button on for 5 seconds to drain the flea power. Then plug the ac power back on and try powering on the system. Why did the bios upgrade fail half way through? Why were you upgrading the bios in the first place? Was there a hardware issue before you decided to do the bios upgrade?
Williams225System AdministatorAuthor Commented:
Actually yes. the pc reboot often with no reason.Will try your proceedier and get back to you.
Williams225System AdministatorAuthor Commented:
I tryed serveral time but the proceedier is not working. Any other suggestions?
web_trackerComputer Service TechnicianCommented:
apparently there Lenovo has put out some type of bios repair cd for this model.
Williams225System AdministatorAuthor Commented:
I appreciate the quick reply. I have the bios repaire cd but the issues is i get no signal on the screen when i turn on the pc. Is it possible to creat a bootable bios on an usb key.
web_trackerComputer Service TechnicianCommented:
If you get no signal when turn on the pc, then both the usb key and repair ce would be useless. It sounds like you created an expensive paper weight or door stopper. ... Or looks like you will have to send it in to have it repaired. If it is still under warranty then you may try to get it repaired under warranty, you have to fight in order to get it fixed this way though, by going through the supervisor level. I have heard that bios upgrades that fail are not covered under warranty, but have heard that if you can get through to the supervisory level they may be more sympathetic and may send some one to replace the board if your system is still under warranty.

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Williams225System AdministatorAuthor Commented:
Thanks alot for the help , i think this should be ma next step.
so my initial post still applies
Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:
Just a thought, have you tried an external monitor as you say there is no output on the screen? Probably not going to work but worth a quick try.
Williams225System AdministatorAuthor Commented:
issue is not resolved
i gave correct answer to your question, and as such i expect an A grade, since we cannot perform a repair  from here
if the answer is no , you cannot, that is valid..
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