Need Calendar field in PHP to select date

I'm sure it's here somewhere but I am out of time.  I am a programmer but fairly new to PHP / javascript.
I need code for a (read only) date input field with a small Calendar image that when clicked, displays a calendar with the current date selected.  When the user selects a date, it fills in the field.
Then I need how to change that date from MM/DD/YY to YYYY/MM/DD for output to the database.
The simpler the better.
This should be really easy for you pros!
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Amar BardoliwalaCommented:
Hello dcass,

Please look at following links. It will help you to select and integrate proper calendar with php script.

Hope this will help you.

Thank You.

Amar Bardoliwala
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
best one to use as it gets updated
Ray PaseurCommented:
I agree that the jQuery date picker is the best.  You see it everywhere.

As far as learning how to handle date format conversions, this article will be helpful.  The PHP functions date() and strtotime() work well together.
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