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network speed

 we have portal with applications . we have remote users connected with fiber swtich and sub switches  to main core switch. they have network delay of 20-40 seconds inside the application . But nearby users connected with sub switches from the main core switch dont have delay . Will it effect network speed while passing through switches ? . But if we ping the server it shows less than 1ms from both sides .
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r u using cisco devices, since you have tested with ping and it was less than 1 ms, then i can say it wont really effect on network speed passing through switches, but it will sure effect if there r small switches or hubs , since those will create one collision and collisions effect on speed,
still if not, then u have to recheck the application y it shows 20-40, it might be coz of other stuff not network,
What layer 3 communication do you have between the remote clients and the application server? IPS, routing on the switches and doing ACL checks? What speed is the fiber and what is the current utilization of the link that connects the remote switch? Pinging a server is not always a good indicator of network latency when something is being done to the traffic in transit, or when a link has high utilization.



  core fiber switches in data center  and it connects to remoter fiber switch (fiber connection) and sub switches with giga switches (all cisco) . all sites are in different vlan . no other routing . what do you mean by ACL checks ? , is there any way to find high utilization between switches ?

If you ping and get 1ms latency usually seems ok.If there is high utilization then latency will become higher.However, you also should monitor your network for troubleshooting and error detection.You can use Netflow Analyzer for your Cisco device to monitor traffic flow and statistics:


Or you could use Cacti which is SNMP based and open source.You can install it into both Windows and Linux.You can see CPU usage graph,Utilization memory etc.


You need to monitor your network and severs to identify the source of problem.It's quite difficult to identify any problem only based on ping.You also need to check log details.