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Copy data.

Hi all,

I need to copy an excel sheet to another book, but the original sheets has combo boxes that look at another sheet for their values.
I need to copy just the selected item in the combo and not the whole list.

How can I do this ?

Thanks in advance,
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You may try to copy the whole column where the combobox and then do the paste special values only.



Hi, have tried that but the underlying cell doesnt have any data in it ... so not sure how its holding the selected item in the combo.
How about using the a data validation list instead of combo box. However, you need to place the source list within the same worksheet so that you can move it without affecting the data source of the dropdown.

Are the ComboBoxes from the Form Controls toolbar or the ActiveX toolbar?  If ActiveX, you can set a Linked Cell reference which will copy the selected ComboBox value to the linked cell, which can then be copied/pasted.
Example of ActiveX ComboBox properties attached as image

CB Properties


Thanks for all the info, I found out why it wasnt working. It was because the combobox wasnt assigned to a cell. So couldnt get the data out.
But there was nearly 8000 rows, each with a combo item, so I had to create another column and  manually the value selected in there.

Pain in the backside, but a couple of hours later its all done.

thanks for your suggestions,