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System Design

Sha1395 asked
Hi All,

Some one propose a system design,here what i am planning to do my final year project.

I have address book website (for example) website XYZ. when ever the user update or create a new registration,i have to pass those details to validation webservice.
In the "Validation Webservice" i will cross check the user details then pass it to the "AD Webservice" then "AD Webservice" pass those value to "Active Directory".

Please some one give me some suggestion how to do the system design or UML diagrams for the above concept.

Thanks in Advance
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Here is a decent sample of how to use UML to describe web based operations


For me, personally, I find that I get too caught up with making everything pretty in UML and Visio or other software tools.  So my preference is to grab a pencil and a few sheets of paper and ideally find another person or two to talk out the complete process.

If I was drawing out the process you describe above.  I'd draw out the FUNCTIONALITY that you mention and then work through HOW it will work.  Understanding the behaviors, will then make it easier to identify common areas of functionality and logical boundaries and entity definitions--make the functionality.. the WHAT gets done the focus, and the WHO will start to reveal itself.