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Configure Printer in GUI

sabirkk asked
Hi ,

       We have Zebra network printers need  to be configured on linux box REHL 5.5  and the X in not installed  on the servers when they build the servers  . is there any way that i can configure network printers with command prompt .

Expert reply appreciated .

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You should use the cups GUI

Open a web browser

Enter the address


You need to find your printer in the add a printer option

When you open the web browser, you would find the following heading on the page

CUPS for Administrators
----------->Adding Printers and Classes
                           ---->  Printers ----------> Add Printer  (Try this first, if you don't get success, go to find new printer option)


How can i install this GUI , do i  need  apache for this ....

With regards

Mohamed Sabir.K
No, it is served by port 631.  All you need is a web browser.  If you don't have a web browser on that machine, you need to use another one and use the IP address of the target machine.  For example if the ip address of the machine running CUPS print server is, the you would enter the following address in the browser.