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Cisco PIX & ASA Grapical simulator & Tutorials

Hi Guys,

I am not good with Firewall configurations, but for my new job duties in servers hosting company i need to learn configuring Firewalls mostly Ciso PXI 500 series, ASA, and PFSense.
mainly basic stuff like NAT, access control lists, allowing specified ports for specified IPs, etc..

I am bad with Command line
could you please help me to find out some tutorials, simulators, common senarioes

torrentos links also fine

your help will be much appriaciated

Thank you,
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Check out Ebay for some used Pix 501/506 boxes - due to the age and features, they should be available for very low prices ... you won't be able to try out advanced stuff like HA, but for NAT etc. you should be fine. As for ASA, go out and get a used/refurbished 5505, even new it isn't that expensive ... advantage of this is you have the "real" thing, not some simulator, which you can actually hook up to the network and try it live ...
Don JohnstonInstructor
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google "cisco ASA tutorial"
Ernie BeekSenior infrastructure engineer
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If you don't have the $$$ the get the real stuff, have a look at:
It can do PIX to version 7.2(4) and ASA to version 8.0(2).

Or try to do a 'creative' search' for the one here: http://networksims.com/pix.html there's also an evaluation version.


not full solution, but useful links