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Users are not showing up to add email address?

tokzik asked
we had a disaster happen on our exchange 2007 server and are suffering. the server crashed during a service pack install and the exchange enviroment was not fuctional.  We tried to fix this with a new install on a new box and when we tried to get the databases mounted they would fail.  So we ran the ESEutil to change the state fro dirty shutdown to clean tried again and still no go.  After trying several other things like hard recovery defrag and so on still no luck. We decided since we were going to upgrade to 2010 we would just start over.  Now the problem is all the user accounts that had email accounts already created do not appear in the add mailboxes in exch2010.  ou can create new mailboxes via the exchange tasks in ADUC but they do not show up in exchange?  Any ideas at a total loss of ideas and energy it's been a long couple days...
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Just to be straight, you have abandoned Exchange 2007, installed Exchange 2010 and now your trying to provision mailboxes again? have you abandoned the mailbox data in the existing databases?

The reason why they dont apear is because they already have a mailbox.

I think your best course of action would be to try again with the recovery as this way is the best way, you cant just upgrade to exchange 2010 in the manner your attempting.

to recover Exchange 2007 should be straight forward, first reset the computer account for the failed Exchange 2007 server in AD

Then rebuild the server os to the same service pack etc as it was. Also configure storage paths the same as they were. Ensure the server has the same name and ip address as it used previously.

You can then install Exchange using the command prompt to perform the recovery. You would run Setup /mode:RecoverServer

This command installs Exchange using configuration data stored in AD, in theory it should restore it back to as it was, once you have done ths you would copy the databases back to their original location and the log files back to their original storage groups. If your unsure of the locations, you can open Exchange mangement console and review the storage paths there to make sure there in the correct locations.

Because you have attempted to fix the databases before, you might have to go back to the last backup and restore these.

Just in case I forgot something obvious, please review the following


Good luck.
Users are not showing up in th EMC wizard because these users are having exchange attributes already set with values for your old ex server. You can open adsiedit default (domain) partition and check :
 Exchange attributesIn ex 2010 managment shell try to run the following :
>get-user | Disable-Mailbox
If it fails because it cant find the old ex2007 database and/or the owning server
then through adsiedit clear the attributes HomeMDB and msExchHomeServerName and try this:
>get-user | Disable-MailUser
The above should clear all excahnge attributes if not you will have to clear them manually


Saves my sanity!!

Glad it helped!


thank you...  it worked great for about half the users but the others are still not appearing in the add mailbox area of Exch 2010... if you run the disable mailbox cmdlet it stillcauses errors and states some of the users are invalid...  any other ideas??

you will have to clear the exchange attributes manually like stated in previous post
HomeMDB and msExchHomeServerName
then try Disable-MailUser
if this does not help clear all exchange relateda attributs manually
as reference compare the attributs of a new non-mail enabled user


thank you Sirakov,  we will see what we can do.  I am pretty sure we removed all the data but after hours and hours of dealing with this BS anything could happen...

Thanks again...  


one more thing since we have users in the exchange mailbox area will the get-user  | Disable-MailUser do any harm to them?

thanks again...



 [PS] C:\Windows\system32>get-user  | Disable-MailUser
The operation couldn't be performed because object couldn't be
found on 'st-dc-01.contoso.local'.
    + CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (0:Int32) [Disable-MailUser], ManagementObjectNotFoundException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : F5C7A90D,Microsoft.Exchange.Management.RecipientTasks.DisableMailUser

not to disable all in bulk
>get-user AffectedUserAlias | Disable-MailUser
When you run only get-user , do you get all your users including the one not showing up in EMC wizard
what about :


I get errors for the ones not showing up,  thanks for the update...  I was pretty sure running it across all names was not a good idea...  

the error i get is above...

I will work on this later and i will post what I can... thank you again for the quick response...  gotta love this site...