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Error 404 While Accessing Emails Through OWA

novice1980 asked
We are having issues at the moment with some users getting Error 404 While accessing emails through OWA. Once they receive this message they have to close there browser and open up the next session.

Can anyone guide me how we can start troubleshooting this problem. What logs we can start having look and what we can do to recify it.
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check the link.  When the site is running, and when you pull the next page that does not work - does the web address change.
Does the https:// turn into http:// or the URL change at all.
If you are not sure copy and paste them here.


Thanks edster9999 for your reply. It is however working for more than 90% of users. So not sure from where i should start troubleshooting this issue

Is there any specific uniqueness with those users. Also the IE version of these users.

Check in the IIS Logfiles to get some hint about the user. User alias will be recorded in that log file.

Just Start and then run and then logfiles. Look for the appropriate website folder and access the log.
is it using a full domain name ? especially after it goes wrong.

ie if your web server was


you could probably get away with using just webmail as your DNS suffix should be set up to tag .companyname.com onto any address that was not resolved.  This could be working on most machines but a few might not have the suffix set and so would not resolve it.