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Exchange store will mount, but won't backup

Jammo asked
Exchange 2003 exchange logs caused space to run out & Store to dismount.  I've copied some of the logs to another partition and am able to get the store to mount, but am not able to run a successful backup now.   Keeps failing on verify with "Access denied" message
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What I would do is to attach a USB hard drive (cheap) and the use ntbackup to create a backup of exchange. As ntbackup is exchange aware then once completed exchange will commit the logs and clear down the space.  If you have removed logs then this process might not complete due to an inconsistent log chain.


Have a look at this doc, it's written for exchange 5.5 and 2000 but the 2000 section should apply.
I've run a full backup, rather than incremental.  It has cleared the logs as expected.  I believe that since it had automatically dismounted due to lack of free space, a full backup was required.

Looks like your done then.


It was that a full backup was required...incremental wouldn't do the trick.