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Problems Chaging 64-bit Windows logon background

Gene Klamerus
I'm having problems getting this to work.

I'm using 64-bit WIndows 7.  I've done the changes outlined with adding a registry entry and a defaultBackground.jpg, but that doesn't work.  Apparently for 32-bit Windows.  Don't know.

I've done replacing background.bmp the file in syswow64\oobe folder.  That doesn't work.

The little tools I can download all show the new background, but Windows doesn't actually use it.  I've rebooted many, many times.

Any ideas.
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Top Expert 2012

We had a lengthy discussion about this a couple of months ago that should be useful...

Top Expert 2012
As I mentioned in the previous question, one of the most important notes is the following caveat:

"The custom image that you use must be a .jpg image less than 256 KB in size, or this will not work."
Gene KlamerusTechnical Architect


Turns out the image was too large.