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Duplicate Calendar Entries Automatically Removed?

sbdt8631 asked
Using Exchange 2010  sp1
I recently upgraded from Exchange 2007 to 2010 sp1.  The Exchange organization has one 2010 server.
While changing/upgrading IPhones for my boss something went wrong and his personal, not public,calendar was initialized, nothing left.  I attempted to restore from backup but there was data corruption and only a partial restore was performed.
Working with Symantec on Friday I performed multiple restores to test mailboxes that resulted in many duplicate entries but also restored some entries that previously did not.
I opened the test mailboxes in OWA this morning to try to decide how to proceed and most of the duplicate entries were no longer there.  There are a few duplicates but not many.  I tried doing a Google search to find out if this is a feature in Exchange that I am not aware of, but all I could find are tools to automatically remove duplicate entries or procedures to do it manually.
Is this a feature built into Exchange 2010?  If I restore duplicate calendar entries to my bosses calendar, will Exchange 2010 sp1 remove them?
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Top Expert 2012

Unfortunatley theres only two ways to do this.

Manually or by using a 3rd party app


In Exchange 2010 SP1 Microsoft introduced Calendar Repair Assistant by using it your can fix up issues of  calendars
check this following article what is it and how it is works

Hope it will help you.