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Question on using Vector iterator

ambuli asked
Hi Experts,

I am using the following function to open numbers of file descriptors stored in a vector.  When I run the program, it crashes on this function.  If I check the size of the vector, it says 3.  But, the loop seems to go more than 3 times before crashing.  Can you help me resolve this.  Thank you.

typedef vector<SomeObject> ObjectsVector_t;
typedef ObjectsVector_t::iterator ObjectsVectorIter_t;

bool Reader::openObjects()

    cout << "Size is = " << _objectsFactory->getObjectVector().size() << endl;
    for (PPSObjectsVectorIter_t iter = _objectsFactory->getObjectVector().begin(); iter != _objectsFactory->getObjectVector().end(); iter++)

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Senior Software Engineer (Avast)
>> But, the loop seems to go more than 3 times before crashing
How did you assert that?

>> _objectsFactory->getObjectVector()
I presume that always returns a reference to the same vector and isn't constructing a new one on each call?


Thanks Evilirix.  I was doing the initialization in the getObjectVector() incorrectly.  Once I resolved that it works.  Thanks.