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2.5 laptop drive to desktop

jlefave asked
I have removed a non-booting IDE 2.5" hard drive from a laptop. I have connected it to a USB 2.0 port on my desktop with the Ultra USB to IDE/SATA unit.

My desktop has Win XP home edition. Drive C: is the main drive and is an SSD drive. The second hard drive, D: is an IDE drive used for extra storage. I also have a CD reader and a separate DVD writer.

My issue is that neither windows explorer or My Comptuer can see the 2.5 drive connected to the USB port. The other drives are all visible. I know the laptop drive is getting power.


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Open up diskmgmt.msc
Can you see the 2.5" disk there?  Is it Online?
Was the drive recognized by the laptops bios?
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Scan the disk using getdataback. If it can see the data you should register the tool in order to recover the data. If it sees the data but you don't need it recovered because you already have proper backups, test the HD using the manufacturer's diagnostic utility and depending on the outcomes of that have the disk replaced with a new one, or delete any partitions on it so you can re-use it:



the laptop drive is not deteced by bios or in device management
Do you have another drive you can use to test that the USB unit is working correctly?  If it is then it may be that the electronics on the drive have failed.  (I assume that the disk is spinning and that is how you know it is getting power)

Try connecting it straight to your motherboard without adapters. than check in disk manager (storage management).
If it's still not recognize, try using bootable softwares like "minitool partition wizard bootable cd".

if its not recognize anywhere, the drive is corrupt and you're probably can't do anything about that by yourself.

Good luck!
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>>  I have removed a non-booting IDE 2.5" hard drive from a laptop  <<   first question :  was the drive seen in the laptop bios?  if not, it can just be a dead SSD drive
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with the IDE adapter cables, you may have the 44 pin adapter round the wrong way, you can feel the drive to see it has power, but the 44 pin 2.5" adapter to 40 pin IDE is easy to get back to front on some cables (red line to pin 1).  try swapping the cable around and see if your system detects the IDE drive then.

if not, as the others suggested, you need to test your USB caddy to make sure its working and if so then it sounds like you have a dead PCB drive controller on the laptop drive.
Iain MacMillanIT Regional Manager - UK

so what was the result??