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Blackberry BES server 5 - services will not start automatically: re-enter the log on password

wjolson asked
I have a BES server that will not start the services after a reboot.  Every time you restart, you have to go into the services, click on the log on tab, re-enter the password for the account that starts the services and it works fine.

Does anyone know what the registry hack is to fix blackberry services that fail to start?  

I have been on the phone in the past on a different install and the support person at RIM ripped through a registry, changed some key(s) and that made all the BB services start automatically.  I don't want to pay $500 to RIM to ask the question for a server that is on its way out, but it is a bother to deal with after each reboot.

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do you really have to re-enter the passwords or would it suffice to just manually start the services? Is the SQL server that is used by BES running on the same machine? Then it could be that you should configure a service dependancy so that BES services wait for the SQL server to start.


Yes, I have to manually re-enter the password.  If you try and restart the service it will fail.  If you re-enter the password--everything works fine and comes up fine.

Yes, the SQL is on the same computer.  As you can see from the answer to your question above, it will not matter what starts when.  It is not a dependency issue.

Thanks for the thought.
Update the Windows registry to add a Microsoft SQL dependency to the BlackBerry Dispatcher, BlackBerry Policy, and BlackBerry Synchronization services.

1.To open the Registry Editor, click Start > Run, type regedt32, and press ENTER.
2.Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services
3.Identify the name of the Microsoft SQL Server from the name of its registry key on the list:
4.Perform the following steps in the BlackBerry Dispatcher folder, the BlackBerry Policy Service folder, and the BlackBerry SyncServer folder:
a.Double-click the DependOnService key.
b.Type the Microsoft SQL Server name and click OK.
5.Close the Registry Editor.

Also, note that when you enter the service account name in the BB services, it should be in the format

DN\Service Account Name

Lets say



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