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SA85 asked
We have 2 small offices - the distance between  them is 500meters
i want to set a router in one office , and it would need to transmit to the other office...
where i can find such rounter and how can the radiation be reduced (antena)?
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there are several things to consider in this situation :

1. interference of building, trees etc between 2 points
2. antenna
3. power voltage to access point
4. number of concurrent users
5. radiation

You must consult to an expert in this field, try the link below for advice:

here's a calculator :

I know it's not the answer you were looking for, but better be safe then sorry :)

Robert RComputer Service Technician

Another problem is the broadcasting of your ssid, more potential for other people to hack into your network. Of course you can turn off broadcasting the ssid and have the users from the other building to connect to the network even if it is not broadcasting.
have 3 or 4 cisco wireless accesspoints , and bridge them with each other to extend the signal broadcast,
that will inshallah solve ur issue,
Do you have line-of-sight? If so, you can build your own Cantenna or just buy one (Cantenna.com)

Otherwise, you'll have to run wiring or get ISP on both sites.