C# : Set BT and Wifi power on or off

I'm looking for a c# (or WMI) solution to set Wifi and Bluetooth power to On and OFF on a notebooks running Windows XP and 7
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I don't have bluetooth, but here's something I put together while watching the game for wifi (see attached).

Note that while it is (somewhat) commented, it has no error checking/handling.  That's left as an exercise for the student.
I'm watching a new game, so I thought I'd take a look at bluetooth.

This isn't so easy.  First off, the SDK for configuring BT depends on *which* device you are using.  Different HW mfgs use different SDKs.  I started by looking at MS's, but they don't put their APIs in a DLL (only a lib).  This makes calling it from c# challenging.

If you need to support BT devices from c#, perhaps http://32feet.codeplex.com/ can help?
OrenRozenAuthor Commented:
Great work. Also thanks for the link to 32feet.NET
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