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Server Monitoring Software

I need to allow traffic between two database systems on all ports & protocols. One of the systems is located within my organization's production network while the other system is located inside an isolated network designed/implemented & maintained by an outside vendor whom we have partnered with.

I'm looking for an effective monitoring tool that will allow me to monitor the database system located inside my organization's network for any and all types of activity.

Suggestions please.....
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If you have an IPS already in your network you could route the traffic through that to proactively stop any type of malicious traffic. An IDS solution would work to alert you of the traffic malicious traffic has already hit the server, but it's a much cheaper solution. It also never hurts to have good HIPS software running on the server to stop anything that would get past your other defenses. Is there a reason why you need ALL ports/protocols open? Doing that only leaves each organization's security as good as the lowest common denominator.
A "network tap" or a "span port", connected to a Linux server, running IPAudit-Web and Ntop. This will allow you to capture ALL traffic, and view it in an organized, searchable and easy to use web GUI. It will also allow you to monitor all traffic with other tools like snort, wireshark/tshark, ngrep, iptraf, etc., in real-time.

The tap would be best, but will cost at least a few hundred dollars. A span port would be free, if you are already running (or have) a decent managed switch. All of the software is free.