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Test RAM on Linux server without bringing it down?


I understand I can't test *all* of the RAM while it's running but is there a test that can check *some* of the RAM without bringing it down?  I have the memtest86 CD already in hand but I don't want to reboot and wait an hour.



PS.  I saw this test below but it's doesn't make sense to me - an MD5 on the same file 3 times will always produce the same fingerprint. http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/howto-linux-server-memory-check.html

PS. I'm thinking we've got RAM problems because of the bus error below - it's a bash script that runs every 4 minutes and it hasn't changed in years so I'm thinking maybe it's RAM that's going bad.  

5:06AM - 18395 Bus error              
5:09AM - 18515 Bus error              
5:12AM - 18679 Bus error
5:15AM - 18810 Bus error              
5:18AM - 18965 Bus error
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No, you need to test the RAM while the OS isn't running.
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