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Oracle form personalization how can I make a flexfield read onl

I need to make several descritive flex fields read only on several forms using Form Personalization.  CUSTOM.pll is not an option
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Database Administrator
The terms you used ("descriptive flex fields", "Form Personalization" and "CUSTOM.pll") make it obvious that your system is not just a custom system system based on the Oracle tools, but it is an Oracle EBS system.  The only supported tool for making these kinds of changes in EBS is the Form Personalization machanism which uses Custom.pll.

Please help us understand why you say that is not an option for you.

You could open the *.fmb file and change the properties of the descriptive flex fields to "update allowed = NO' and "insert allowed = NO", then compile a new *.fmx file.  But, this is not recommended because you will lose those changes the next time you apply a patch or upgrade that affects this *.fmb.