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Gridview: show 2 rows even tho sp has more than 2 rows

Camillia asked
Please look at output below.
On the page, I have a listview and a dropdown list

1. I bind column "hcProvider" to listview. This is ok.
2. I bind businessName colum to a dropdownList but I need to show only 2 rows but it shows 5
3. Gridview should have 2 rows but has 5 because I have 5 rows from stored proc

See attached screenshot of how it looks like
So, I need to show 2 rows because I have "Test Business33" and "Username test" as BusinessName. Dropdownlist needs to show 2 businessnames. Listview is good.

How can I show 2 rows and bind to gridview when stored proc has 5 rows? If there's no solution to this, I'll talk to my manager
Id         businessName      hcId      HCproviderName
3	Test Business33	18	Behnaz Wafa
3	Test Business33	 1	 Bob1 Jones
3	Test Business33	 11	 pp333 ppp
3	Test Business33	 16	 yy fff
39	Username test	12	officer 1 llll

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Can you update your query in stored proc to retrieve only two rows?

if yes, update your query as given below:

SELECT Top 2 field1, field2 ... fieldN
FROM YourTableName

You will get only two rows from the SP.

This will work for MSSQL.

- Deepak Lakkad
if i do that, i wont get all the hcproviders...i have 5 unique hcproviders. I need all thos e5 BUT only 2 rows of businessname.
can you post code of your sp?

you can use two different sps for this purpose

select Distinct businessName   From TABLENAME  - will return only 2 rows.

using 2 different sp is ok for u?
BTW, how did u bind ur listview, dropdownlist and gridview?

r u using Datasource control? Or using code-behind u r binding?

 here is another soln:

if you are having a datatable that has rows of these values, then

Datatable businessNames = dt.DefaultView.ToTable(true, "businessName");
urDropDownlist.DataSource = businessNames;
urDropDownlist.DataTextField = "businessName";
urDropDownlist.DataValueField = "Id";

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here dt denotes the DataTable Name which has all the selected 5 rows.

yes, 2 SPs could be a good way. Let me look at your solution.