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Recommended Power Management Schemes for SBS 2011 Hyper-v Host


I'm killing myself trying to get straight answers.

I have a "Microsoft Supported" SBS 2011 Premium virtualized environment:
- Server Core installed with only Hyper-V role using Second Server License
- SBS 2011 and 2nd Server running on thier own Guest partitions
- APC Backups RS1500 connected to Physical Server
- Desired shutdown/startup settings configured in hyper-v (Shutdown guest if physical server shuts down) & (start hosts no matter what upon physical server restart)

First Question:  Which Power Scheme is recommended for the Hyper-V host?  Out of the box it's set to "Balanced" - Should this be set to "High Performance"?

Second Question: In Lieu of expensive UPS upgrades and network cards *cough* APC - I'd rather configure the built in UPS power management of Windows Server to just shut the physical server down when there is 50% of the UPS battery left.  Upon the shut down being issued - Hyper-V will automatically cleanly shut down the OS's of the VM's, and everything will be brought down gracefully.  Which settings would I modify using the powercfg command line utility to do this?

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Hi, Aleveone76

Q1 - Ive never had any issues with the default settings,

Q2 - You can run a script / batchfile from within the UPS softwares shutdown section.
            From this you can script everything else, eg. shutdown /S \\computername

Hope this helps