Unable to add client system(XP) to domain(Windows Server 2003)

I am trying to add one client system (XP) to my domain (2003 Server), but i am unable to do that and the following error occured when i tried to do that, i think it has to be done something at the firewall.
What could be the reason? Please help me.
Thanks in advance
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Tony GiangrecoCommented:
On the network adaptor in TCP/IP properties, make sure TCP/IP is set to obtain an IP and DNS.

It will ask for the domain login and password, make sure you use the domain administrator credentials.
Obi WanFixerUpperCommented:
There is no error listed in your post, cant you provide this ?, someone will help out more then


PS> As a random guess , have you added your DC in as a DNS server in ? :)
Also, could you tell us something about your configuration?  You say there is a firewall between your client and your server?

The ports used to join computers to domains are routinely blocked by internet firewalls (with good reason!).  Or were you thinking that some firewall on the server was blocking an intranet client (possible, but unlikely)?
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Also are you able to join other PC to your domain?

On this PC which is unable to join to the domain, make sure that you got the correct IP details form the Server DHCP, and then try to rejoin this PC. Also simply check do you have internet on that PC.

And please give us few more details.
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
Try renaming the pc them attempt to join the domain
CPSRIAuthor Commented:
Thank you
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