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Adding Gestures/Touch to a legacy VC++ 6.0 app in Win7

PMH4514 asked
My application is built in Visual C++  6.0.   Think of it like a video game in the way the entire UI is rendered graphically at ~45fps and looks nothing like windows.

Lately I am interested in adding touch and gestures support which I understand should be available in Windows 7 if an appropriate monitor is used. (simple touch, swipe and hopefully pinch). The interface is already designed in a way that visually it would make sense.

Will I have to upgrade to a more recent version of Visual Studio and port the project over before being able to use some of these capabilities?  Are there special development libraries I'll need? My preference is to maintain the old visual studio on a new windows 7 box just to keep things simple since it's not broken, unless there's no choice to move forward.

Thanks for any insight!

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Here is a starting place http://archive.msdn.microsoft.com/WindowsTouch

Visual C++  6.0 might be a hindrance, Visual Studio Express C++ can be downloaded here

A more fruitful investment in time might be the Windows 8 for Developers System

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Even though I'd not advise against upgrading (let's face it: VC& is hopelessly outdated), installing the latest SDK should be enough. See http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/dlx/en-us/listdetailsview.aspx?FamilyID=6b6c21d2-2006-4afa-9702-529fa782d63b


Interesting, thanks I'll check these out.

If I could simply get the touch events into the MFC message pump, I'd be happy with that!
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>>If I could simply get the touch events into the MFC message pump, I'd be
>>happy with that!

It is not all that simple - you can get a WM_GESTURE, but need some APIs to extract the info of interest...