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Word 2010:  Where do you store macros?

Hi All,

We've recently upgraded from word 2003 to 2010.

Several users had custom menus that they stored their Macros in.  is there a way to do this in Word 2010.  I did suggest the Quick Action Toolbar, however i can only get this to run macros via image icons, which isn't very informative on what they do.
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Unless you are (unlike me) into XML and add-ins, that is the simplest way of doing it. You can still assign a short-cut keystroke to a macro.

The best advice (which I have yet to take) is to download a ribbon editor (such as http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa942866.aspx), and learn how to use it.
Ivano ViolaSystem Administrator
How about creating a custom tab to store your Macros?
See below:
 New Tabhttp://www.howtogeek.com/howto/12337/create-a-customized-tab-on-the-office-2010-ribbon/

Michael FowlerSolutions Consultant
Custom Menu items will appear in the add-ins tab

If you build your macro toolbar in 2003 and add the macro template .dot to your global template (Developer Tab, Document Template) then the toolbar will be listed under the Add-ins tab and the macros will continue to run.

This is the quick and easy method. After that, you can work on building a Custom Ribbon Tab and add the macros to that using the Customize Ribbon option. (File, Options, Customize Ribbon) Custom macros have to sit in a Custom Tab which you can name whatever you want.

Hope that helps.
Dawn Bleuel
Word MVP Customize Ribbon with a Macro added