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How can I query to the database (entityframework, MSSQL), for iphone app?

I got an iphone app, that I am searching for the specific places from  google maps and the information of those places are coming from the database and it's merged with google maps information. Yet, the problem is I have to grab the information of those places in the given lattitude and longtitude.

How can I query to the database (entityframework, MSSQL), as draw a circle of 1 km in the given lattitude and longtitude and bring the results?


P.S. To sum up, you can think this as google's maps service customization for my own database as I got the longtitude and lattitude.
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I dont understand your question.  Can you rewrite it explaining step by step what you are trying to do, and then by highlighting exactly your problem.
Hi there;

Sorry for that.

Ok, I got a iphone application that I am collecting lattitude and longtitude of specific places in the MSSQL database.

What I need is with this information, I want to pin the point in google maps.

How can i do this?

Kind regards.
The exact details including code of that is more than a question, it is a project and then some.  You have some work, googling and coding ahead of you.

1. You cannot "link" from your app to MSSQL like you do with Visual Basic projects.
2. You will have to create a WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) project on your MSSQL side, this is going to create web access to your data returning the information in XML or JSON format.
3. You app is going to need to call the WCF interface and then read the returned data (if you want you can save it in a file or Core Data)
4.  Then you can read the results into your Mapping view.
Thanks for the interest.

For the record, I am using json. Any code samples for my need?

For some reason as soon as you add a Micro$oft factor to anything you do not get a clear sample / tutorial / example.

When I did/learnt this I never found a clear example that helped me through it (like you do for iOS stuff )

here are a coupld of "bits" WCF & Security

Accessing WCF Services

But Google is your friend and StackOverflow has many questions on this asyou can see with this Google Link

But really you have 3 very distinct things.
1. Create a WCF service returning JSON - VB or C#
2. Get your app to call this service - obj-C
3. as of iOS 5 you can natively read the JSON.

This one might help but as far as I know (i have not used it) but iOS 5 now has its own JSON library and you do not have to use a 3rd parties.
Just in case you are struggling with the web service part I just came across this tutorial.  In fact all his tutorials and books are great.