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Service Account Change


I have a problem. My team needs to change a password on a service account we have setup on muliple windows servers.

Is there any software out there that can do this remotley and dynamically without causing too much disruption?
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Maen Abu-TabanjehNetwork Administrator, Network Consultant
Top Expert 2011

sorry something not clear , change password of service account remotely? why do they need to do  that? just need more details to help you :)
This can be done remotely using the SC command.

The manual for SC canbe found here.

The command you would want to run would be similar to below.
 SC CONFIG MyService binPath=c:\myprogram.exe obj=".\LocalSystem" password=""

You will also probably want to stop and restart the services after the password change.

If you have hundreds or thousands of service accounts to manage, and are looking for an automated solution, try this (not free):


Senior Solutions Architect
We also use a package for exactly this task.