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Upgrading to Domino ODS51

If I upgrade a database to ODS 51 (ODS for Domino 852) but the user is still using a Lotus Notes client version 7, how will they be affected? Can I upgrade the ODS of a datbase if the user is still using an old version 7 client?
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I smell a misconception. A Notes client doesn't use the database directly, but a client calls the server to process the requests. Hence, you can connect any Notes client to any Notes server and it will work, provided that the database's ODS is compatible with the server and the user has the correct credentials (plus the database's design is supported on the server's version).

It's different of course if you copy a database file in ODS51 format from a server to an older Notes client's local disk: that won't work. But it's no problem to connect an R5 Notes client to an R8.5 server. Try it!
What is the version of your Domino Server...

You can upgrade your mail database ODS to 51,if and only if your Domino Server version is 8.5 or above..

Yes you can.

The users won't be affected. The only thing they will notice is in the database properties will be the ods marked as unknown.
The CREATE_R85_DATABASES=1 notes.ini parameter needs to be added to the notes.ini  file on the Domino server.Load Compact -c against the applications that need to be upgraded to ODS 51 (note: if   application is updated by error, it is possible to revert the ODS to the previous release with Compact -r).Any new applications created  on the Domino server will be created with ODS 51, provided that the CREATE_R85_DATABASES parameter is set to 1.  If the value is returned to 0 (zero), new applications will be created with ODS 43. The procedure is the same for the Notes client.

   Hi there Random_It_Guy,,,

I have some users who were still using Lotus Notes Client of 6.5.6 and it is OK , but, I have upgraded them to LN8.5.2 in order for them to be able to use the features of this version and because LN6.5.X and LN7 are out dated ones and not supported by IBM any more .

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There are features that are transparent to the Notes Client and some are not - 2 examples:
1- DOAS is transparent to Lotus Notes Users, so they aren't affected.
2- xPages for Lotus Notes (not web) will not work  because it depends on the new xpage parsing engine.

So if upgrading includes changing design, you must check if the new design uses new features.

You can run a test, (but first keep ntf of old design, backup data, and learn how to downgrade db version -if u aren't going to overwrite with the backup in case new design failed).