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Export Outlook Contacts to Access including distribution lists

I need to export the Contacts from Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2010 to an access file but I need to include the distribution lists.  The export wiz in Outlook that writes an Access file appears to only include single contact records - it doesn't include the distribution lists.  Has anyone seen any scripts out there (or free sofware) that take care of this?

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Information Security Manager

Have you tried exporting to CSV and then import using Access?

For instructions please see: http://www.ehow.com/how_5976818_import-csv-files-access-tables.html

Hamed NasrRetired IT Professional

Never tried that!
A workqaround you find a better solution.
From the contacts table in access (you exported that to access table), add a column: listID
Open the table and add 1 for list 1, 2 for list 2 and so on.
Create another table for lists(listID, listName, desc, info,  ...)
1 list1, ....
2 list2, ....

Join the 2 tables on listID, and continue your work.
dneill8IT Consultant


Fast.  Thank you.